UUNIO Builds “Blockchain Social Media Marketplace”


UUNIO will build a content marketplace that will allow content creators to receive reasonable rewards by converging existing content markets using blockchain technology.

The company announced that they will provide a copyrighted, block-chain-based social media marketplace, so that content creators can be rewarded through a feature similar to “Likes” on Facebook, and users can sell their content. To this end, UUNIO has signed a partnership with block-chain specialized company, INK, which provides content-related intellectual property ownership services. In addition, the company also entered into a partnership with Robin 8, a blockchain technology company that connects advertisers, influencers, and consumers for content distribution.

In the ecosystem built by UUNIO, economic activities are carried out with a token called UNIF. The same is true when buying or selling content or sponsoring creators. Two types of tokens and coins will be issued: UUNIO and UNIF. The UUNIO coin is scheduled to be listed on an exchange between June and July. Users can convert UNIF, a token, into UUNIO, a coin, and cash it out on the exchange. UUNIO also offers advertising. Therefore, it is possible to purchase UUNIO and covert it to UNIF to carry out an advertisement. The reason for this mechanism is to allow the consumption of UNIF, which will increase its value. Please refer to the official website for more detail.