Video Compressing Solution ‘Ebenezer’ Wins October D.DAY


At the October D.DAY held by youth entrepreneurship banking consortium D.CAMP on the 27th, video and picture compressing solution Ebenezer won the top prize. Without losing any quality or resolution, Ebenezer is able to compress video and pictures into 10% of the original size.


Ebenezer Representative Kang Misuk

D.CAMP offers participation in the D.ANGEL project, the opportunity to join D.CAMP, and the opportunity to receive 100 million won of investment to the winner or startups who receive good reviews during D.DAY.

In recent months, Ebenezer has continuously won at the Entrepreneurship-Employment Expo held by the D.CAMP finance committee, startup product exhibition K-Global, and D.DAY. After attending D.CAMP project ‘GoD (Game of D.CAMP)’ season 2, Ebenezer has started to settle into D.CAMP.

There were 5 groups giving speeches at the October D.DAY. They were Ebenezer, Sunshine (representative Sukyeon, an education platform that matches different educational games), Ticketplace (representative Han Junhui, an experience learning reservation service platform), GY Networks (representative Bang Seungon, an intelligent CCTV solution based on visual technology and machine learning), and Next Innovation (representative Seo Insik, a solution that converts e-books and pdf files into braille).

Bon Angels Venture Partners representative Kang Seokheun, Yellomobile vice chairman Kim Hyeonyeong, Big Basin Capital team leader Kim Hyeonjung, Mashup Angels representative Lee Taekgyeong, and K Cube Ventures standing committee member Jeong Sina were all present at D.DAY.

The first D.DAY was held in June 2013 by D.CAMP. It is held on the last Thursday of each month. D.DAY is the best Korean monthly startup demonstration event. So far, 167 startups have been introduced. Previous winners include n.thing, Bibari Publica, 8 Percentage, MOIN, heybeauty, Mitiyoung, and WELT, among others.