Wadiz encourages “To invest in startups without any limits”


Wadiz launched the W9 membership, a private membership investment service.

The W9 membership is a service that provides individual investors opportunities to invest in startups without limits. Opportunities to invest in promising startups were only given to venture capitals or individuals with large amount of assets but will now also be open to individuals. Anyone who is a member of Wadiz can subscribe and the subscription period is one year.

The W9 membership will proceed as a private equity fund investment that connects promising startups with individual investors through Wadiz’s exclusive sourcing channels and the final investment will be limited to 49 people. According to Wadiz, the W9 membership will actively contribute to the growth of startup businesses and create an ecosystem with a virtuous cycle by allowing individual investors to invest without limits in unlisted companies with high growth potential and even early-stage startups. Companies will be able to utilize appropriate funding solutions according to each growth phase. Through investment funding in the form of public offering through Wadiz or WPO(Wadiz Public Offering), initial business funds can be raised, creating a fandom.

“Through the W9 project, we will make efforts to enable individual investors directly invest in companies with growth potentials and therefore contribute to the company’s development, and socially, create an investment environment to boost the startup industry,” said Jin-Sung Park, team leader of Wadiz.
Wadiz also said that it is currently running a promotion that provides benefits to all members who subscribe until December 31st, to match with its launching of the W9 membership.