Warmth-Filled Touchscreen


Keyboards and mice were used to be the only computing tool for long. However, many consumers have become accustomed to touchscreens as smartphones and tablet PCs arrived. Mui is a smart product with a touch of nature. It is made of wood material to provide pleasant user experience of a touch interface. The touchscreen also serves a decorative function as a piece of furniture or a fixture of a building.

Mui has the touchscreen that users can feel the texture of wood, providing both pleasant touch experience and touch interface. The wooden panel can send messages, display weather and temperature information, control the lightness of a room,  and show the time. The manufacturer is developing a voice-activated virtual assistant to incorporate the function into the touchscreen to be like Google Home and Alexa.

The product boasts the warmth of nature as it is made of wood, in addition to smart functions, as it combines nature with technology. It hasn’t been officially launched yet. More information can be found here.