Dog walking service Woof offers free CCTV equipment for peace of mind


If you own a dog, it’s probably a sad reality that you’re not able to bring them to your workplace. Even if you do work at laid-back place which lets you bring in pets every now and again, it’s usually impossible to have your best friend with you every day.

Woof is a dog walking service similar to Rover and Wag in the US, and connects dog owners to “walkers” who can exercise their dogs while owners are busy at work or away on vacation. Dog walkers are able pick up pets directly and make sure they get fed, exercised, and played with, while earning some extra cash.

Of course, having someone you don’t know take your pet out can be a bit unnerving, so all dog walkers are certified by Woof once completing a training program that takes place over four weeks. You can even set up a meeting with your walker to get to know them a little better.

The Woof app can be used by both dog owners and walkers. Owners search for nearby walkers in their area, and pay from within in the app. When their dog is being walked, owners can track the location in real time, and receive details such as where and when the dog drank water or did their business. A summary of the day’s activities and photos are also provided by walker.

Woof Dog walking

One unique service that Woof offers is free rental of CCTV (security camera) equipment to dog owners who feel a little uncomfortable letting someone else enter their home to get their pet. The company also donates 100won (around 10 cents) for every 5km dogs are walked to dog shelters.

Woof is still in beta stage and limited to walkers in the Seoul area at this time. The app is only available on Android for now and can be downloaded from Google Play.