Yanolja has launched an online amenity shopping mall ‘Bipum store’ for accommodation businesses.


O2O accommodation information provider Yanolja officially announced the launch of  Bipum store, an online shopping mall targeting accommodation businesses, on 2nd of March.

Yanolja’s Bipum store is a B2B online shop specifically targets its members of accommodation business owners. It offers around 10,000 necessary items including shower amenities, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, snacks, home appliances and bedding at competitive prices. Any accommodation business owners including 17,000 Yanolja partners can have access to the online shop.

Yanolja explained that they could reduce the prices by minimizing distribution process through direct dealing and bulk buying. In addition, in order to ease the hassle of online ordering and to enhance customer convenience, the company is going to tap into phone ordering system and direct delivery service depending on transaction terms.

” Bipum store is an exclusive and optimized online shopping mall for accommodation businesses. We launched this online mall to accommodate our customers needs.” said Kim Young Soo, design lab product development division leader of Yanolja.  “We plan to develop more specialized online shopping mall that can reflect particulars of different types of accommodation including hotel, rental cottage, guest house” he added.

Bipum store is holding a promotion event to celebrate its launch. Yanolja’s accommodation businesses partners can enjoy up to 11% special discount upon joining the site within March. Also, If they join Bipum store as new members in March, they can receive total 100,000 won’s worth of coupons by receiving 20,000, 30,000, and 50,000 won’s worth of coupons depending on their purchase amount.  More detailed information is available in customer service center or on the official homepage of Bipum store.