[Weekly VentureSquare Stories] Fast Track Asia Reveals its First Service

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Fast Track Asia Reveals its First Service

“Before now if you looked for doctors via complicated search engines and ads, now you can easily find doctors wherever you are, right from the palm of your hand.” – CEO Jinseock Lim (Pictured)

사용자 삽입 이미지

Fast Track Asia’s first startup business model has been revealed. Fast Track Asia, CEO Jin Seock Lim and director Gipoong Kim announced their plans for a “doctor information search service” named GooDoc.

GooDoc is an information service which offers reliable information on which doctors in the neighborhood provide the best service. By selecting the desired area and type of treatment required, users can easily find where they need to go. Another feature is being able to view a doctor’s schedule and make reservations on the spot. Lim announced his hope that everyone in Korea would be able to use GooDoc to easily find doctors surgeries in their area. He maintained that the service would act as a service which consumers could trust, offering accurate information rather than just advertising for medical practitioners.

Director of Fast Track Asia Choi Seok-won almost died after cancer cells appeared in his lungs. Feeling that health was always an important part of life, he proposed the idea to Lim who had an interest in helping users access information in more useful ways. The purpose of GooDoc is to improve the way patients and doctors communicate by offering features through web and mobile apps which are not available through typical portal searches. Until now there have been no specialized medical internet or mobile services, making GooDoc a high interest product to many.

Lim says that there are many patients who view the way the doctor treats the patient as the most important thing and what matters is how doctors actually interact with their patients. Being able to build up a trusting relationship with ones doctor is no doubt an important thing. GooDoc provides users with a way to make an informed decision about who they see and reduces the apprehension which many have before a trip to the local clinic.

Once the service launches in May, users will be able find reliable information on doctors around Seoul. From there, the service will be expanded to different provinces around the country. Follow GooDoc by liking their page on Facebook or following them on Twitter.

Social Network Analysis Service Treum

Treum is a Korean startup and social consulting company focused on gathering and analyzing data from social media networks around the world. Social media has becoming a standard and crucial part of marketing for businesses everywhere due to its strong influence, valuable information and its role as a customer service tool. CEO of Treum, Kim Do-hoon and his colleagues have taken on the challenging task of helping its customers sift through huge amounts of social network data with ease and better insight. By analyzing the right trends and finding out who is talking about a company’s products, businesses can get much needed information on the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of customers a lot faster than in the past. Treum also helps companies deal with social media crises before such events spread too far by searching for the origins of any rumor or complaint. The company was founded in March 2011 and currently offers services such as a “social influence monitoring platform” and semantic network analysis for both context and relationship. View the video below for more information and look out for a more detailed article about Treum on VentureSquare soon.

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