[Startups in Korea] Lithos Makes Taking Meeting Minutes Easier

Lithos is a Korean startup with a mission statement to create new apps that have value. The company was founded in April 2010 by CEO Shin Jin-seok in the wake of mobile market growth and decided to take on the challenge to create new services which could be shared with a wide number of users.

During the past two years the company has made several types of apps including the game Deadball Legend, a “mastermind” type game with a baseball theme and even an app which covers Buddhist chants. However Lithos says that it is now focusing its efforts on developing utility apps and the company has seen success and recognition with its app Meeting REC. The app functions as a voice recorder for meetings and features an interface which allows users to easily organize “who said what” rather than having to search through the entire audio file.

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The number of participants can be selected before the meeting along with other information such as location and date. Once the recording has started, the user can easily select the participant who is talking so it is recorded for later reference. For group discussion where several people are talking at once, all users can be selected. Lithos are also partner companies with South Korean operator KT and have made a similar app for the company which makes use of KT’s cloud storage service.

Lithos are not only targeting the domestic market, but also the global market too. Meeting REC is already available in English, Chinese and Japanese and reached number one for the business category on Japan’s App Store.

The company is also currently developing another app which will aim to bring people closer together. Planning director Yoon Ji-hwan, expanded on the project.

“When meeting friends or other people through work and life, we usually have to add new friends one by one on the different social networks. We are creating a service which will simplify this process and connect people with others in a much closer way.”

Yoon says that Lithos intends to work hard to create new apps and unique services. The startup is also prepared to compete with other products on the market and wants to be recognized for its quality of product.

Check out Lithos’ website here. Meeting REC is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

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