TTTing – A New Angle to Social Dating Services

Mobile social dating services is not a brand new idea and there are already several apps available in the global market. Yet, TTTing offers a refreshing angle to the service by focusing not on the singles themselves, but on potential matchmakers – which expands its potential user base to cover basically everyone.

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TTTing is more than just a mobile space for singles to know each other. It’s a community to allow anyone to introduce their friends to others. More often than not, we meet our potential partners not through strangers or the internet, but through our friends and real-life networks. This is especially true in Korea, where ‘sogaetings’, ‘meetings’ etc are set up by friends for singles to meet up and know each other. This is also where the application gets its name. TTTing simply moves the process onto the mobile platform, injecting more fun and convenience into such meetups.

First time users are asked to recommend 6 friends whom they want to introduce to everyone onto their board. The users’ friends will then be able to see the 6 profiles and if they are interested in anyone, there are 2 ways to express it. The ‘Wow’ button is a simple ‘like’ button and the ‘Poke’ function is indicative of a deeper interest to know the person.

Once you do that, a private message will be send to your friend (not directly to the person) and your friend will have the power to decide whether to let the person know of your interest, set up a face-to-face meeting etc or simply ignore it. The person who gets ‘Poked’ will see it too, but not know who exactly does it. Ups the game, doesn’t it?

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Another interesting feature is the ‘Rolling Paper’. Users get to leave messages or testimonials to describe their friends on their rolling paper (similar concept to Facebook wall) and chooses icons that best describe their friends (loves movies, gym, non smoker etc).

TTTing is the first mobile application released by Darez, a fledging Korean creative lab that has already made a considerable name for itself specializing in branding strategies for several high profile clients both locally and internationally.

The application is well designed and fun, and highly user-centric. By shifting its focus from singles to the potential matchmakers, it takes off the potential awkwardness or embarrassment of using a social dating service. Users are likely to have more fun navigating the app.

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TTTing featured in BeLaunch 2012
The app is officially launched on 7th July, which has special meaning in Korea, being the day in ancient folklore when two separated lovers meet once every year. Darez has set its sight on the global market, especially the U.S., and have been working hard to launch its services beyond Korea. TTTing is just one of the several apps in works by DAREZ and we will be seeing more interesting services from them in the near future.

The app is currently available both in English and Korean. Download TTTing and try it out! Perhaps you will find your destined partner or get to know more friends!

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