Praise Relay Series #4 – Kids Note Praises Stubby Planner

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This week’s winner of the praise relay is Stubby Planner, chosen by the previous winners at Kids Note.

How does it feel to chosen as a winner of the relay?

We were very happy to be selected by the new social network service Ulabla. We don’t know if we deserve to be chosen for the relay as it is just the beginning for us. At Kids Note we will do our best to be a service that solves problems in the early childhood education area, so keep an eye on us!

Kids Note Praises Stubby Planner

Stubby planner has already gained a reputation among frequent travelers. It is a service where users who are traveling overseas can select their own schedules, instead of the same-old guide programs from travel agencies and then share the information so others can use it. Users can use the service to share their private holiday moments and feelings with others. On learning about Stubby Planner I was very interested and it made me want to put on a backpack and travel somewhere. What’s even more interesting is that the beta version of Stubby planner was developed by CEO Baek Joo-heum while living alone at the foot of Jiri Mountain.  His tenacity to put himself in an environment where he could only focus solely on developing it was amazing. Maybe that’s why Stubby planner has already attracted close to 30,000 travelers.

What’s Stubby Planner?

Preparing for a holiday is an exciting thing. However, it’s usually something that takes a lot of time and effort. There are pre-made schedules made by travel agents, but just following these doesn’t seem as fun. If one does try to make their own plans, it’s easy to get exhausted checking all the different flights and schedules in an attempt to find the best deal. You begin to wonder if there isn’t some more simple and convenient way to help this task. Stubby Planner is a service which guides you through the entire preparation process. It is not simply archiving and sharing information but users can improve their travel experience through meeting mentors and friends.

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Using Stubby Planner

1. Getting to know experience from networks
Trace the course of your favorite adventurer or try out new routes that they’ve discovered. Leave time-consuming task of making an itinerary to Stubby Planner and using experiences of other travelers’ expeditions, make your own personalized holiday. After you get back from your holiday you may have become a famous traveler yourself. Stubby Planner makes preparing to travel faster and your time on vacation longer.

2. What if I have already chosen my route?
If you’ve chosen to travel London – Paris – Venice – Rome but are not sure which modes of transport to use or how long to stay in each city, it can be very tiring finding out each and every one of these things. Using Stubby Planner’s route creator, one can make the process a lot easier.  Also, if you add guidebook information, you can add your own detailed itinerary with maps and sight-seeing information and print your own personalized guidebook.

3. Get the best info!
While making your itinerary, other users can give you feedback on it. Acquire the latest information from people who have been on holiday and meet new travelling buddies. Currently an app is being developed which makes it possible to save your planner and track your holiday in real time via GPS.

Even right now around 7000 people are travelling after using Stubby Planner and on the same day, 300 travelers are staying in Paris, London and Rome.

The Beginning of Stubby Planner

The Stubby Planner team members are an interesting bunch. CEO Baek researched artificial intelligence and had a software company in Korea but then traveled to Rwanda through KOICA to work with software to help the economies of
developing countries. He has written about his time in Africa on his own blog called “The Developer that went to Africa“. During his two years in Rwanda he realized that if you just have a connection to the internet, it doesn’t matter where you are located. When first creating Stubby Planner upon his return to Korea, he said he went to live alone at the bottom of Jiri Mountain. Recently a new member, Min Ji-seon joined the team. She is an experienced traveler who has lived in the U.S, England, Singapore, France and Hong Kong. Min also has experience in investment banking, financial planning and training.

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Stubby Plan was chosen in June as one of the 20 finalists at beLaunch2012. The service received a good reaction from foreign judges at Startup Battle Korea and recently formed a partnership with HanIntel, with which it hopes to market itself as a leading travel platform.

Stubby Building is currently working on team building and looking for a new member to come aboard and join them. Those who are interested can e-mail

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