Praise Relay Series #8 – Open Closet Praises “Big Walk”

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Open Closet, how did it feel to be selected as the seventh winner of the praise relay?

We were thankful for being chosen and it was extra lucky to be the seventh. I feel that more good things will happen following this and we are thankful to CEO Kim Tae-yeon of Dorm-Surfing. Our company is connected to the keywords of youth and sharing which is why we think they chose us. In the future, we’ll work hard to bring clothing to more people.

Praising Open Closet

Big Walk has developed and is operating a service which donates 1 won for every 100 meters walked via an application. A lot of people will already know about Big Walk and when I first heard about it I was really surprised. The ideas of walking and donating money themselves are quite fun, but to combine these two into one activity makes it even more interesting.

Open Closet is receiving donations of suits from people and renting them out to young job seekers at an affordable price, a service which is giving us energy to make a more worthwhile service. I think Big Walk is the best example of taking the energy of others and using it. Just like creating energy from the wind that can’t be seen, individuals can provide new prosthetic legs for disabled children with each step they take. To help the company take these steps, Open Closet has chosen Big Walk as the eighth winner of the Praise Relay.

Big Walk

Walking + Donations + Fun = Big Walk

Big Walk is a social venture offering a service which aims to make donating money fun and easy by integrating it into people’s everyday life through walking. Big Walk’s application service is set up so donating money can be done simply by walking around as usual. By downloading the Big Walk app and running it, 1 won is collected for every 100m and the accumulated amount is donated to disabled children for prosthetics. Users do not directly donate their own money themselves but through Big Walk’s advertising platform.

Outside of the application, Big Walk also operates various offline projects and programs to bring more value to Big Walk’s social mission.

Big Walk and Walking

What’s the most ordinary thing that many people do? “Walking” of course. Whether exercising or going to work or school, we get around by walking. But this isn’t easy for everyone and Big Walk offers a gift to disabled children to help them reach their dreams.

Big Walk’s Donations

Big Walk considers donating as something that is genuine and that can occur naturally within everyday life.

Donating that is not big but can bring the gift of hope to someone,
Donating that can come naturally from within everyday life,
Donating that can make sharing easy and enjoyable.

Big Walk’s mission is to make a new culture of donating money in small amounts so it can be fused into everyday activities.

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Big Walk’s Future

Big Walk can currently only be used on Android but an iPhone app is currently in the works and we plan to release it in October. A company with lots of profit? That would be great. But rather than this, Big Walk’s desire is to do work that benefits society. We want to develop our service so that more people break stereotypes and easily get involved in sharing, with all actions in everyday life being connected to donating.

Big Walk’s website can be viewed here.

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