Korean Startup Teams to compete at Silicon Valley’s GMIC

Maybe it’s because the desire wanting to share good ideas with one another in the IT industry, but Silicon Valley holds a wide variety of conferences. The “Global Mobile Internet Conference” (GMIC SV) will be held in the tech venture capital of Silicon Valley and is one of the bigger conference along with ones like Techcrunch Disrupt and DEMO. Korean service Between, with over 1 million users was also previously showcased through The Next Web at GMIC.

Here is some brief news about three Korean startups who made it to the “G-Startup Competition” which is part of the GMIC’s event program.

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G-Startup Competition

Twenty selected startups that were chosen before the conference will make presentations and compete on the day of the event. These teams will have the chance to introduce their startups to a judging panel of invited influential VCs, angel investors and business leaders. G-Startup is divided into two tracks, one for Seed/Early stage startups and a Growth stage track for startups who have already accomplished a certain amount of growth.

On September 18 the finalists of ten teams for each track were selected and all that’s left is to give their pitches to the judging panel on October 19.

The teams will be competing for a chance to pitch their companies to the participants of GMIC on the main stage and will also have the chance to take part in the famous incubation program Plug & Play.

Selected Korean Startups

NaleBe (G-Startup Seed/Early-Stage)

Lifetime Documentation Service Cubbying (CEO : Im Junwon)

“We are very happy to be able to let people know about our service through participating in this event, just as we prepare to launch the open beta of Cubbying. We are trying to get a chance to bring our Cubbying service to Silicon Valley through our pitch on the main stage which we have worked hard to prepare. Since I’m in Silicon Valley alone, I always miss my other team mates but I’ve been happy to receive a lot of support together with this opportunity. I hope to bring more good news to you on October 19.” – NaleBe CMO Hyoin Sung

Jellycoaster (G-Startup Growth-Stage)

Record important meetings with friends and show how close you are with the app for best friends, Buddy Up. (CEO: Jeonin Joo)

“We took part in G-Startup because we wanted to verify with the rest of world, the value of our gamified social network system Buddy Up which adds fun to remembering important moments. Surely it won’t only be Koreans who want to record time spent with friends in a fun way, and share it with other friends too. Since we have had feedback from beta testers in 20 countries around the world we think we are ready to have our product inspected…..We’ll work hard so that Jellycoaster can work together with G-Startup on Buddy Up, keep an eye on us.” – Jellycoaster’s Shin Seowon

e (G-Startup Growth-Stage)

Interactive eBook Producing Tool Moglue (CEO: Tae-woo Kim)

“Last year in April, we were selected as a top 10 finalist for the Open GMIC Seed Stage, and we are honored to be one of the top ten finalists for the Growth Stage. Since a new publishing feature to register books made with Moglue Builder on the App Store and Google Play launches next month, we are very happy that we have the chance to spread the word in Silicon Valley at such a great conference!” – CEO Tae-woo Kim

Find out more information about G-Startup at the website.

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