Five Teams Selected for K-Tech Silicon Valley 2012

According to Money Today, five teams have been announced as participants in the upcoming IR event at K-Tech @Silicon Valley 2012 to be held in November.

The teams Tripvi, VTOUCH, Malang Studio, Perples and Sentence Lab were chosen from the finalists at the 2nd Young Entrepreneurs Conference based on their global business ideas, English skills and motivation. All teams chosen for the event have several years experience at foreign universities and companies, with several teams already members residing in Silicon Valley while preparing to enter the global market. Teams were selected by a panel of 13 judges based on global potential.

Sentence Lab won the grand prize at the 2nd Young Entrepreneurs Conference with their clipboard syncing program “ClipPick” and VTOUCH was awarded a runner-up prize for its development of a long-distance touch solution which allows control of a device without a remote device.

Perples received a participation prize for their advertising platform based on its coupon service which uses an ultrasonic wave module. Tripvi also received a participation prize for its app which automatically organizes photos according to location and date,

Malang Studio the Popularity Award for its fun weather alerts in the form of a game and an alarm which requires the user to play a game to turn it off.

These five teams which will compete at the K-Tech Silicon Valley IR event, will not only present their ideas to 150 Silicon Valley venture capitalists, but will also have the chance to make presentations to 500Startups and Plug-n-Play.

Find out more details at the K-Tech Silicon Valley 2012 website.

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