Day for Failure comes to Seoul

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“International Day for Failure Seoul” will be held at the Gangbuk Entrepreneur Center on October 13 at 1pm.

The event will be jointly hosted by Startup Times and Startup TV and celebrates the “International Day for Failure” which is held in major cities of 16 countries around the globe. The purpose of the event is to develop a culture which embraces inevitable failure in a creative and innovation based economy. It will aim to reduce the failures in venture companies by envisioning “a new culture where people not only embrace and openly discuss failures, but also reward bravery despite failure and actively share lessons.”

The event first began in 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. It was started by one of Europe’s largest entrepreneur communities, AaltoES (Aalto Entrepreneurship Society) and received a huge amount of attention with 1/5 of Finland’s population tuning in to watch the event. In 2011 the event gained the rest of Europe’s attention as it was hosted together with BOARDMAN, a network of executives and specialists from Finland’s leading companies. In 2012, the International Day for Failure will not only expand within Finland but to major cities in 16 countries around the world including Korea, Germany, England, Canada, Australia, Russia, Japan and Singapore.

Event Details

Day for Failure is a global event held in major cities around the world: Finland, South Korea, Germany, Canada, UK ,Chile, Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, Russia, Slovenia, Estonia, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Japan, Indonesia

Host: Startup Times, Startup TV
Sponsors: Revitalization Center for Strained Entrepreneurs, Business Failure Research Institute
Target: Startups, Young Entrepreneurs, University Students (200 people)
Date: 1pm-5pm Saturday, October 13, 2012
Location: Gangbuk Entrepreneur Center

View the Day for Failure homepage here or apply for the event here.

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