Korea’s Angry Birds? SundayToz to Release Anipang Phone Cases

SundayToz looks set to follow in ‘Angry Birds’ developer Rovio’s footsteps with its recent announcement of a partnership with accessory maker Applemint to launch a series of characterized Anipang smartphone cases. Set to be released on Christmas day, the cases are part of the game developer’s strategy to capitalize on characters that appear in the popular game.

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The easy-grip cases will be available in various vivid color designs in a selection of the game’s characters – Ani, Ari, Pinky and Pang. SundayToz director Wee-jung Lee said, “Users can now meet characters from Anipang outside of their smartphones. In the future we will further increase synergy by entering other various content business areas.”

Applemint started to gain popularity earlier this year with its “Alliga by zoo” brand and design which was released in July. 18 different Anipang cases will be available from December 25 for the iPhone5, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 and will be sold through Applemint Shop. A part of the profits from sales will be given to the Eom Hong-gil Human Foundation to be used in its “Human School Construction Campaign”.

SundayToz’s Anipang has been hailed as Korea’s ‘national game’ and after its release in July, has established a user base of over 20 million in just three months with simultaneous connections numbering 10 million.

While characters and dolls from television shows have always been popular in Korea, a new generation of product lines are emerging from other areas. Though the Angry Birds game was not as successful in Korea compared to other countries, the brand’s dolls and game sets can be easily seen in toy stores. Recently Korea’s own Larva, created by Tuba Entertainment and first appearing on public transport screens, has also been successful in marketing its characters to consumers.

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