Korean Startups Selected to Recruit Those Exempt from Military Service

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Several Korean startups will receive help with recruiting talent by being selected as companies which are eligible to take on those exempt from carrying out military service. South Korea is still technically at war with North Korea, a situation which requires all males to carry out two years of compulsory military service. Some individuals may be exempt from military service due to physical issues but are instead placed in other public service areas such as the police or city offices for the same duration.

The startups which have been designated as ‘military duty companies’ include social dating service IUM, Zoyi with its ‘AdbyMe’ platform, Socialnetwork and its ‘Chupar’ application and creators of ‘Anipang’ SundayToz. These startups are currently recruiting both new employees and those with experience. The number of new employees is limited depending on the number of people working in the company, and anyone with over one year work experience can also be recruited regardless of employee numbers.

Receiving the right to take on young men exempt from military service is not an easy feat for small sized startups. There are strict conditions which are taken into account when selecting from the range of companies, most of which are usually part of the data processing, game software production and video game production categories. Data processing companies must have at least ten constant employees, a registered place of business and proof of performance in production and revenues. Game software development companies ultimately need to be companies which are not in immediate danger of going under and have revenue and infrastructure. The selection of these companies is expected to take away the uncertainty surrounding how other startups receive the designation.

For startups which are always in search of the right people, being chosen to receive military exempt workers is a great way to attract the best talent. Socialnetwork CEO Soo-wang Park talked about the effect it has had on his company saying, “Even with good ideas and opportunities, there is a large number of startups who cannot carry out their business due to lack of employees. One month after being selected, our development team has greatly expanded through recruiting students who are exempt from entering the army.

Startup IUM also recently hired one new employee after receiving seven candidates with experience. CEO Hee-eun Park said, “We’re pleased to have the chance to welcome top new talent as family through accepting those exempt from the military.”, SundayToz CEO Jeong-woo Lee also commented, “We plan to recruit top and young individuals that can help in the area of technology integrated social-game development.”

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