Creators of I-um Launch New Dating Curation Service ‘I’m Eight’


IUMsocius, the developer of popular social dating service ‘I-um‘, recently launched its new dating curation service ‘I’m Eight‘.

Having already established a large user base and leading the market in online social dating, I’m Eight is a new dating service that provides users with a selection of various types of potential candidates. The site divides users into one of six different categories named smart, visual, million, family, career and unique. The site has an exclusive ‘invitation only’ concept and users who think that they fit into the top 8% of at least one of these categories must introduce themselves in detail when applying to sign up for an account.

All members get recommendations of potential matches from Monday to Thursday and can select who they would like to meet on Fridays. For members having trouble meeting someone, the service’s curators offer help with making dates go smoothly. I’m Eight has also partnered up with a marriage information firm which provides a localized management service.

The service costs 80,000 won a month and like social dating, there is no limit to the number of introductions made through the site. I’m Eight director Misun Lee commented on the launch of the service, saying,

“We received an enthusiastic response that attracted 10,000 member applications and over the last month we rounded up 1000 early paying members.”

The service maintains that it values who a person is, rather than placing emphasis on what they do and what qualifications they might have. With a team of eight curators for each category, the team helps select the best recommendations for each user.

Meanwhile, flagship service of the company I-um has continued to grow with a reported 650,000 users — making up 8-9% of the single population in Korea. The company also gained significant attention when popular racing model Yebin Lee tweeted that she wouldn’t be going to the controversial “mass singles event” on Christmas Eve last year, and would be instead using I-um to meet other singles.

Some of the content in this article was translated from ET News, a media partner of VentureSquare.

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