Funnyplan Launches Beta Version of HTML5-based Messenger ‘Pager’

Mobile app developer Funnyplan launched a beta version of its web-based messenger ‘Pager’ on March 3. Compatible with any smart device and created with HTML5 and Javacript, users can enjoy real-time group chatting without the need to install anything. Pager was initially created so the Funnyplan team could communicate with each other.


Pager’s strength is its simple but easy-on-the-eyes user interface which displays “post-it” like messages in alternating colors. Funnyplan says that new features such as personalized message design will be added at a later stage.

The messenger enables users to invite friends and talk to them without any apps or extra software. Being a web-based application, users can sign up with a Facebook or email account via any smart device. Unlike other web-based apps, Pager sends messages via email when users go off-line.

The beta version is available for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and Safari and Chrome browsers. Pager versions for other browers and devices are also in the works. HTML5-based messengers are still fairly new, but the interest from users shows a potential market. To give Pager a complete facelift for devices, Funnyplan is inviting beta testers to try out the platform. Anyone who wants to sign up for the beta service can do so via the website.

According to Changwoo Nam, the founder of Funnyplan, Pager is far from complete as it enters the open beta stage and that functions and features will continue to improve. “Pager will open up a door of opportunity for HTML5-based web applications.”, said Nam. Meanwhile, the company is also developing another service named PIXTO.RE, an ePhotobook publishing platform for mobile devices and is currently hiring developers and UI designers.

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