Neowiz to Revive ‘Neoply’ Incubation Program

Major Korean game company Neowiz is looking to discover new startups and help grow them by reviving its Neoply program. The latest news regarding the support program was announced on Thursday by Neowiz CEO Ki-won Lee. The strategy aims to develop synergy with young companies with potential.


According to ET News, Neoply is an investment program which searches out companies and supports successful entrepreneurship with the goal of creating a startup ecosystem. Neowiz Games takes over the program from Neowiz Internet which previously operated the program. Neoply had invested in blog-media company TNM Media and Taulnsight prior to the changeover.

A Neoply Center is planned to be opened in a new building in Pangyo at the end of this month. Pangyo is a new city which is trying to establish itself as a hub for tech and other areas of research. The new center will offer space for around 20 companies and up to 125 people, with office utilities and meals also provided for free. Facilities otherwise used by employees of Neowiz subsidiaries are also available to use.

The leading game company plans to help companies with stable growth through mentoring, while also directly managing technology, legal matters, patents and finances. Other support to match certain growth stages is also planned.

Target startups are not limited to game companies, and any company with new ideas that are mobile or web-based are eligible. Startups are currently being selected and those that are interested can get further details by contacting Neoply.

Director of the Neoply Center Yong-gil Kwon commented on the program, saying, “We plan to employ various incubations so that startups can successfully and quickly lay foundations. As a company we will support and discover startups with creative ideas and leading technology.”

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