New JellyBus App “Moldiv” Takes Off

Mobile photo app developer JellyBus has come a long way since we visited them early last year. Over the last year the company has launched a range of various photo apps for both iOS and Android, including Pics Play, Beauty Booth and HDR FX. JellyBus continues to expand its product line with “Moldiv“, a collage making app for photos which turns out to be quite fun to use.


With so many imaging apps on smart devices these days, new apps often fade into a sea of similar products, but Moldiv hasn’t had this problem. Last week the app was featured globally on the App Store’s New and Noteworthy, as well as the Great Free Apps section. It is currently in the number one spot for free iPhone apps on the Korean App Store and also featured in the top ten for the Photo & Video category in over 30 countries.

What makes this app stand out from others? Basically the fact that Moldiv makes it so easy for anyone to get started and begin creating multi-photo images. After selecting the template style, photos can be easily selected and placed into the individual frames. Moldiv comes with four pages of basic templates that are free, and a premium pack of more creative designs can also be purchased for $1.99. Within the templates, frames are fully customizable and photos can be edited separately; filters are a given and resizing and rotation is also possible.

Of course the more traditional “scrapbook style” collage mode is one of the highlights of the app and this is where the manipulation of photos via the touch interface really shines through, especially on the iPad. Images can be rotated and resized freely, but also easily sent to the back or brought to the front via taps. And although this type of touch manipulation of images is by no means anything new, it makes creating a collage extremely simple and fun.

Aside from this, a “stich mode” is also available, and to make things a little more interesting a selection of backgrounds can also be chosen for each template. (And once again more backgrounds can be purchased via the app.) Adding text to collages is also extremely well integrated; text can be manipulated the same as photos and there is a large selection of fonts, which is lucky as the default font of Bangers-Regular isn’t the nicest. All collages can be saved or shared via social networks and image services such as Instagram and Flickr. The app even allows users to select the image resolution, a feature which still isn’t very common on imaging apps.

An Android version of Moldiv is in the pipeline and is expected to be released this summer. JellyBus has over 10 million users worldwide, and while currently based in Korea, it says it has long term plans to target the US and other overseas markets.

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