Daum Looking to Support Game Developers

Daum Communications is tightening the reigns on mobile game companies. As major companies also shift their gaze to the mobile world, Daum is focusing finding the best in the mobile gaming industry. Though the number of games it publishes is being reduced, focus on development is being bolstered and support programs for developers are also being started.

Daum Communications mobile game business director Dong-hyun Kim commented, saying,

“This year we plan to publish approximately 10 mobile games and develop two services ourselves. We will strengthen domestic businesses until the end of the year and bring services overseas from next year using existing its network in locations including Japan and North America.”

Since the ‘Daum-Mobage’ platform was launched, 40 mobile titles have been released.

Last month one of Daum’s game subsidiaries based in Jeju (also the location of Daum’s new headquarters) partnered with online game developer OnNet. The aim is to create synergy between the two companies by combining OnNet’s game development capacity together with Daum’s game intellectual property. Plans have been made based on the need for mobile games which have a long lifecycle such as online games, with mid-core games as the main focus.

Game publishing is becoming stable through a push in quantity. Since the ‘Daum-Mobage’ platform was launched roughly one year ago, 40 mobile games have been released, though this number will now be reduced to focus on marketing. The strategy is to combine the skills of companies for high quality development and marketing support.

“By deeply concerning ourselves with the development phase and not simply publishing, the result is win-win for both us and developers. Through mid-core games including card battle games and RPGs, we plan to increase the brand power of Daum games.”

Leading with OnNate, a support program is being prepared for new startups, and methods to help developers in the areas of marketing, customer service and infrastructure are currently being examined. Recipients of the support are also being discussed internally.

“We are also preparing global mobile game projects by fully using our overseas business network. This year we plan to be as successful in expanding internationally, as quickly as we were able to publish during the past year.”

 This article has been translated from the original article by Ok-jin Bae of ET News, a partner of VentureSquare.

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