KakaoTalk Finally Releases PC Version

The much-awaited PC version of KakaoTalk has finally been released following three months of closed beta testing to make sure systems were stable. The new service is now available to those who have pre-registered and received messages confirming they can now download the program.


The PC version of Korea’s most popular instant messaging comes with all the core chatting features, plus basic display options, ability to edit profiles and a PC screenshot feature which pastes an image of your screen to the chat window. Users will need to synchronize their friends list first before it appears on the PC version.

The most common requests from users during the beta testing period were features including window transparency (great for secretly chatting while working!), being able to change sound notifications and a screenshot sharing feature. Now users can look forward to surfing the web and chatting with Kakao friends without the need to use a separate device.

First time users will also have to verify their email addresses to login, and every time the user logs in via a PC, a message is sent to their mobile device. One account can be used on up to 5 machines, but the same account cannot be used on more than two machines at the same time.

For users who forget to logout of their PC accounts, logging out can be done remotely through the mobile app. One time logins are also possible for public computers such as in PC rooms.

Now that the PC version of Kakao Talk is finally here, it may be the final nail in the coffin for other mobile messengers which are already on the PC such as Daum’s Mypeople and web messengers like the popular NateOn. It will be worth keeping an eye on other features added to the PC version in the future, with many users bound to be hoping for a desktop version of the company’s social network KakaoStory.

While users currently need to “apply” to download the PC software, it will be available to download freely from June 26.

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