UK’s Chief Technology Officer to Visit Seoul Next Week

454776_20130717153933_151_0001Chief Technology Officer for the British Government Liam Maxwell will be visiting Seoul early next week to learn about Korea’s mobile technology and how high-speed communication standards are used here.

As the first ever Chief Technology Officer for the British government, Maxwell is responsible for UK’s recent “digital reform”. He will oversee the revitalization of the UK’s startup and IT strategies, as well as leading IT development and the digitization of government and public services.

Maxwell is expected to visit Samsung and Korea’s main carriers during his time in Seoul as he takes an in-depth look at the communications and mobile industries. He will also continue discussions with Samsung Electronics co-CEO Jong-kyun Shin which began two months ago when Shin visited the UK.

Maxwell explained that he wanted to know how Korea was able to create such a high-standard 4G mobile environment. He also added that he plans to observe how Korea’s communications industry uses mobile devices when dealing with larger amounts of data. Elaborating further, he claimed that the UK’s mobile communications environment could not yet match what was in Korea. Maxwell will be looking to get support in making decisions about policies and creating or combing services. 4G service in the UK is gradually growing, with faster speeds recently opening up, but is still not available in all cities.

The CTO says he also plans to look over education systems at companies such as Samsung, as well as investigating the possibility of importing Samsung devices for use in the UK government.

This post was adapted from the original Korean article by Hyo-jeong Yoo at ET News, at media partner of VentureSquare.

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