CyberAgent Ventures to Host ‘Net Impact Korea’ in Seoul


CyberAgent Ventures’ is set to host Net Impact Korea this coming September. The event will bring together those involved at CyberAgent’s other branches around the world including the US, Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. CEO of Kakao Seok Woo Lee will also be attending the event where he will talk about his experiences as well as market strategy and business development.

Location and Date:
Novotel Ambassador Gangnam, September 3, 2013
2pm – 9:30pm (Seminars from 2-7pm and networking from 7:30-9:15pm)

Price and size:
Free, 200-250 people

Those encouraged to take part include:
Korean VCs, Seed Accelerators, internet game companies, media outlets, government employees, Japanese VCs and internet companies, Southeast Asian Internet Companies

The theme of Net Impact Korea is “Korean internet companies going global” and will focus on how Korean startups can be successful in the international market. The market trends of Japan, China, the US and Southeast Asia will be looked at, as well as examples of companies who have already made it big in these places. Korean entrepreneurs that have seen success in Japan will also share information on strategy and characteristics regarding the Japanese market,

The seminars will feature Kakao CEO Seok-woo Lee and the global business manager from Wemade. Speakers from startups 4PLAT, VCNC and App Disco will hold a panel discussion about what they have learned from the Japanese market and how to develop a business there. The final seminars will feature representatives from CyberAgent Ventures branches in the USA, China, Vietnam, Indonesia plus guests from Cyber Z, Tencent and Teamobi.

Registrations for the conference can be made through Onoffmix. Please note that registrations for the networking event must be made separately.

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