Last Year’s Hit Game “Dragon Flight” Flies to China

Remember Dragon Flight? Often known as the second game to take Kakao’s game platform by storm following AniPang last year, developer NextFloor hasn’t given up on the game yet. Earlier this year the game was given an update which saw the addition of several new features and now the company has revealed that it has taken the game to the Chinese market in a partnership with Korean developer Mobilfactory.

On August 19 Mobilfactory co-founder and CEO Jin Bae commented on the news, saying, “Dragon Flight has begun its service in China. In the future Mobilfactory plans to also bring new mobile games from NextFloor to the Chinese market including the recent Spirit Catcher”.

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Over the past year top publishers had turned their eyes to the success of Dragon Flight, and NextFloor claims to have chosen Mobilfactory due to its specialization in the Chinese market. The two companies have agreed to maintain a cooperative relationship for an extended period of time and following Dragon Flight’s launch, plan to release at least three new titles this year.

Despite NextFloor’s success with DragonFlight, the company chose not expand and continued to develop new games using its relatively small team. The company and CEO even refused in-person interviews following the massive attention it had gained through the game. Mobilfactory will be tasked with continuing that success using marketing strategies to increase the number of users in China.

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Will NextFloor’s Dragon Flight be able to repeat its previous success?

There are a lot of expectations that come with a country such as China and NextFloor’s ambition will be to increase its user base by continuing to provide updates for its content. This follows the developer’s first foray into the international market through messaging app Line in Japan, but lack of updates meant that it didn’t see the success it had experienced back home.

Mobilfactor was founded in November last year by Andrew Min, Bob Lee and Jin Bae – Min and Bae having previously worked for top online game company Nexon. With an office in each country, the company has been managing half of Moyo Games in Shanghai while developing games and operating servers in Seoul. Mobilfactor was also the recipient of pre-A round funding from NHN Investment.

“At the beginning we hadn’t planned on a publishing business for China but through NextFloor we’ve started our core service there with games. We plan to gradually enter the local Android markets including Qihoo 360 and,” said Bae.

Parts of this article were translated from Ok-jin Bae’s article on ET News, a media partner of VentureSquare.

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