Facebook Calls on Korean Mobile Game Developers


Facebook is showing interest in Korean smartphone game companies as it continues take aim at mobile users. The strategy aims to establish partnerships with world-class Korean game developers to create new content.

The opportunity gives Korean companies a chance to reach the over 1 billion members around the world that use the social network. Many will be keeping a close eye on whether Korean developers can repeat the instant success that Zynga found over Facebook. According to Facebook Korea, it has provided partnership management staff to developers and is supporting the development of mobile games.

The social network giant is now calling on Korea’s most successful mobile game developers for Facebook versions of games. While casual games have been popular in Korea, hardcore games are also being discussed in the hopes of establishing a leading distribution platform like Kakao Talk. Game companies receiving game marketing, promotion and transaction propositions from Facebook include SundayToz (Anipang) and Pati Studio (I Love Coffee), as well as several other independent game developers

Meanwhile, on May 7 the social network plans to release more details about its support policies for game companies at “Facebook Mobile Defcon 2013” to be held in Seoul, New York and London. Companies in the strategic alliance, including mobile, casual and hardcore game developers, are expected to be announced at the event. Further details about cross platform promotion and the use of Open Graph on mobile devices are also anticipated.

Local opinions on Facebook’s interest in Korean game developers have been varied. Until now, many have believed that targeting overseas markets will be of more help to developers than focusing on domestic users.

However, one company representative commented on the partnership saying, “Kakao Talk has dominated the domestic game market and users from Facebook only make up about 10%. Synchronizing with Facebook isn’t difficult, but when looking at the number of users reached there is still no big reason to make Facebook games.”

On the other hand, a representative of a different company said, “Facebook is a suitable strategy to approaching the overseas market. The various promotions using social relationships of members that are supported and the freedom for transactions are good points.”

This content has been translated and adapted from the original Korean article by Ok-jin Bae at ET News, a media partner of VentureSquare.

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