VCNC’s ‘Between’ Partners with Hana Bank for Couple Transactions

Startup VCNC and its popular mobile couple app ‘Between’ have teamed up with Hana Bank for its electronic transaction and transport card service ‘HanaN Wallet’ so users can send money to their loved ones more easily.


HanaN Wallet is a smartphone based electronic wallet application which can be charged with money and used for transactions at convenience stores and other affiliated retailers. HanaN Wallet along with T-money’s service, lets users charge transport cards with the credit system ‘cashnut’ and can be used via smartphone on the bus, subway and taxis, as well as places like local stores and movie theatres.

With this latest partnership between HanaN Wallet and VCNC’s Between, which is usually used to privately share messages and photos, the service now allows couples to also send and receive ‘cashnuts’ easily.

“A ‘Send via Between’ button will appear on HanaN Wallet. Between users will be able to send money from HanaN Wallet in one go.” CEO of VCNC Jaeuk Park said via a Tweet.

VCNC is one of the more well known startups which has targeted couples who want to keep their interactions private, something not easily done in today’s social network environment. The app has received over 2.3 million downloads and earlier this year VCNC received 3 billion won in investment from Softbank Ventures, KTB Network and Capstone Partners.


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