Goodoc Enters Strategic Partnership with Mobile Solutions Company Infobank

Mobile medical information company Goodoc announced yesterday that it had received investment and signed a partnership with mobile solution firm Infobank.

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Infobank is a mobile solution company that was established in 1995 and offers business messaging solutions and leading-edge technology in the interactive multimedia service industry. After growing on the KOSDAQ, the company expanded into other markets including smart-cars and mobile transactions.

Goodoc was the first startup out of Fast Track Asia, a Seoul-based incubator and the result of collaboration between Stone Bridge Capital, Inside Venture Partners, the CEO of Ticket Monster Daniel Shin and Chester Roh, the CEO of ABLAR Company. The app lets users easily find the best hospitals and medical centers in their area, as well as read reviews from previous patients for peace of mind. Goodoc also allows users to communicate and make reservations with clinics straight from their mobile device.

It’s hoped that the partnership between the companies will bring benefits to both Infobank’s B2B model and Goodoc’s B2C model. Infobank CEO Tae-hyung Park commented on the new partnership saying,

“We rated the success that Goodoc has already shown until now and the potential for future growth high. Up until now the direction of Infobank and Goodoc may have been different, but we think there will be enough areas in which we can collaborate together in the future.”

Goodoc also recently acquired medical center information app “Our Town’s Hospital”, taking with it the 1.3 million users that use the app and making Goodoc Korea’s leading medical information and communication app. The CEO of the company Jinseock Lim said,

“Through investment from Korea’s best mobile business solution provider Infobank, we look forward to synergy in diversifying our business. Moreover, with Infobank’s investment and the acquiring of Our Town’s Hospital, we are doing our best to establish ourselves as Korea’s number one medical information app.“

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