Real-time Meeting App Wenote Launches Open Beta and Helps Save Paper

Korean startup Wescan, which previously developed a mobile scanning service of the same name, has launched the open beta version of its new real-time meeting service Wenote.

For a long time many have been predicting the paperless office, a work environment which utilizes smart devices and computers to conserve on waste. While there has definitely been a significant reduction in the use of paper, many offices are still far from being completely rid of it. Wenote hopes to speed up the process of making paper obsolete with its new multi-platform meeting service.


Usually most people have some kind of smart device on them at all times, and Wenote lets you utilize them so that members of a meeting can view slideshows and meeting material simultaneously. The application allows large documents and images to be shared together with selected users, a useful solution in a world where holding meetings online is nothing unusual.

Even before launching its open beta, Wenote had already received attention as a business solution for meetings and education, and was known for its speed and stability after being used in organizations such as KISA (Korea Internet & Security Agency). The service does not only support smaller meetings, but it can also be used for large conferences with more than 10,000 users able to connect to one ‘meeting room’ at once.

Wenote claims that the best feature of its software is the simple and clean UI, with no unnecessary features. This is probably most important thing when wanting to get set up for a meeting fast, especially if users are unfamiliar with technology. The user who has set up the meeting doesn’t have to be in the same location as the other users, and the presenter is able to highlight parts of pages in real-time by using the pen tool.

Other features include being able pre-record a meeting over slides with up to 60 seconds of audio. The feature doesn’t use video to avoid wasting data and time with large files. Private meeting rooms can be secured with passwords or open for anyone to access. Wenote also syncs up with Dropbox so you can pull online data from the cloud easily.

CEO of Wescan Taeho Lee commented on the launch of the service saying, “We can help with the high demand for copying and printing in places like offices and schools, as well as contribute to reducing costs and creating a green IT environment. We will offer competitive cooperative and sharing features over ‘smart classrooms’ and ‘smart meeting rooms’ which cost hundreds of millions of won”

The service is currently only available on Android tablets and phones, with versions for iOS and Windows in the works. Those who want to sign up for the service can do so via the website.

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