The Winners of Indie Game Weekend 2.0

Indie Game Weekend drew to a close on Sunday, October 26. Over 30 teams of game developers and artists of all ages assembled at the Content Korea Lab to brainstorm, design, and produce working prototypes of games… all in a span of about 48 hours.


This year, developers were challenged to create fun, meaningful games based on an African theme. Many developers took advantage of this opportunity to explore all kinds of creative ways to integrate this into their games. Game developers and organizers alike were already conscious of the recent ebola outbreak and took this chance to positively highlight some of Africa’s more well known cultural identities.

Indie Game Weekend was all about gaming and team building, as participants produced games of all genres from tower defense to endless runners, fighting games, music rhythm games, and even dungeon crawlers.


After 48 hours of straight coding, designing, and team building, participants all got a chance to go up on stage to present their final product. In a short period of time, each team representative shared their motivations for the game design, the thought process for the control scheme or user interface, and a video walkthrough of the gameplay.

Best Game:


미어킹 by The Indy Game Weekend Survivors

Runner Ups:

Run, 피테쿠스! by 피테쿠스
Occult game Deep Throat by 56동원지원단
African King 왕짱 by 아프리카 청춘이다 (Youth of Africa)

Best Presentation:

Run Forward! by 애미야물좀다오



Eddie Cho 


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