Solar photovoltaic power service company Haezoom, obtained KRW 3,000,000,000-value investment from Posco Capital

The operational startup of solar photovoltaic power service company “Haezoom”, which is owned by Idnstory, announced on the 13th that they obtained KRW 3,000,000,000-value investment from Posco Capital.

The “Haezoom” provided by Idnstory is a solar photovoltaic online platform used by more than 220,000 people. It is easily accessible and can be installed by the public. While Idn provides general information and installation information of photovoltaic power, it is actively operating a business of photovoltaic power rental, implementing photovoltaic power generation (based on RPS), and promoting group purchase of photovoltaic equipment.

The Sunlight Map, a key technology of Idnstory that enables users to estimate the amount and profitability of solar photovoltaic power by simply entering an address, has been registered as its patent. The Haezoom Sunlight Map was mentioned as the representative case of Creative economy by president Park at the Dabos Forum in January 2014 and won the Grand Prize in the economy sector of “Environment and Energy of South Korea” in December 2014.

Idnstory in particular is a rental business entity that has been selected by the Korea Energy Agency for 2 years in a row. It took No. 1 market share in the photovoltaic power rental business for detached houses and apartments one year after it entered the market.

Kwon, Oh Hyun, CEO of Idnstory said, “We established a basis for the extension of solar photovoltaic rental business and development of energy prosumer market, alongside with the domestic solar photovoltaic market rapidly developing through this investment attraction.” He added, “We will expand the range of breaking into the solar photovoltaic power generation-driven energy prosumer market by integrating big data-based new analysis techniques into the solar photovoltaic market.”

Jo, Seok Woo, the manager of Posco Capital said, ” Idnstory provides stable solar photovoltaic service by combining ICT converging technology with its data analyzing capacity, thus maximizing the efficacy of new and renewable energy.” He added, “Its remarkable distinctiveness from other solar photovoltaic company brings expectations of further growth and development.”

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