[Age of Startup] “We are the middleman for 1 million global corporations” -Cronee ‘Condiver’

Park Jae Beom, CEO of Condiver, is a long-time stakeholder in the mobile industry, who studied computer science and has been collaborating with domestic and overseas mobile-service companies and mobile phone manufacturers for 17 years. Even though he participated in mobile mapping, My People service projects, etc., at Daum Communication, he left the company for new challenges with no regret. He has experienced a total of 3 startups including this Condiver startup. What kind of service does Condiver provide?

“A number of startups are experiencing difficulties, as there is no definitive alternative to business development such as corporate growth and global entry via business networking, but various supportive environments have been recently organized for founders”

Condiver is the business networking platform corporation that provides the ‘Cronee’ service, as a so-called online middleman. Middleman refers to broker, consultant, accelerator, etc. ‘Cronee’ in particular is a similar concept to that of a broker who connects business targets depending on clients’ own business purpose.

The Condiver team is a group of veterans, the junior of which has 15 years’ experience in business development

Cronee might be understood as a service similar to US LinkedIn. However, it provides totally different service from that of LinkedIn. Cronee provides intellectual matching services, linking person to information, while the LinkedIn provides personal information only.

Business networking by Cronee aims at 3-stage AI technology development. The first stage is ‘analysis’ for best matching based on business networking information. The second stage is ‘support for decision-making’, useful for decision-making in business networking. The third stage is ‘agency business’ to perform business networking on behalf of users. In order to implement these stages, domestically and overseas, AI experts are being recruited.

In addition, Cronee operates not only as an intellectual matching system but also a middleman system that enables users to be compensated for referencing their personal connections in the form of networking commission, upon business networking requests.

Understanding the Cronee intellectual matching system

“However, Koreans are not familiar with paying for referral fee. It is because they have seldom found any way other than asking acquaintances and using consulting service at high costs in the past”

Currently Condiver has database of 1 million major international corporations as well as popular corporations. It is a result of establishing data with a concentrated thought that “Business networking connects the world”. It could be completed, as it has been collecting data for a long time, even before the foundation of the corporate body last September.

There is a story relevant to this. One major corporation wanted to network with a Japanese robot technology company. The corporation consulted with Condiver at that time, but with doubt about the new firm’s competency. However, this doubt was gone soon after they witnessed that the most appropriate business target was connected within just few weeks, leading to successful business networking, which generally takes 3-4 months. It was a result from applying effort to connect to global business development personnel as well as to establish data.

“We would like to make a genuine, spam-less platform ecosystem. Therefore, we hope many people find new opportunities and other types of values based on the connection of their value to that of others

Condiver pursues via Cronee recovery from fatigued and distorted personal relationships in the platform ecosystem with an overflow of information. As mentioned above, the platform is for the moment focused on connection between personal information, not between persons.

“We would like to make connections between whole worlds”

Condiver established corporate bodies in Singapore and South Korea last September. The Singapore corporate body plays a bridgehead role in overseas partnership including entering into China and overseas services, including payment systems. Meanwhile, the British office is expected to firmly play its role as a European Center, famous for peculiar entrance.

Co-ventures will be established in China and Japan this year. It aims to be firmly established on the Asian market. What purpose does Condiver aim to achieve by connecting the whole world?

“The vision of Cronee is to connect human values”

Mr. Park, CEO said he once saw a very expressive interview. It was ‘The second phase life story of a retired man who became an Uber taxi driver’. He added “Like his story, I would like to provide the world with the value of new opportunity via Cronee”.

There is already a number of time-consuming items, while less time-producing items in existence. Cronee aims to reduce time spent on connecting personal value to other’s value, providing opportunities by sharing networking and creating profitable environments.

Mr. Park, CEO also said “We will keep making more exemplary Cronee cases to approach people genuinely”. He added, “Values are created by behavior, not by just thinking”. The Condiver team behaves first and shows the result. Positive effects on the startup field by creating new values via networking are further expected.

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