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Weekly VentureSquare Stories are summaries of some of the week’s top posts relating to the Korean startup and venture Industry.

사용자 삽입 이미지
Sharing Music with Mironi
There are many social music apps popping up all over the place these days as users share more and more information. Mironi is also one of these apps but one that is sleek and very user friendly. The app was released on both Android and iOS platforms by Korean startup JJS Media. As users listen to music already loaded on their device, they can share songs and comment on tracks for listeners of the same songs to see. Mironi also searches for lyrics and YouTube videos related to the song. Once installed the app lets you use your address book, Facebook or Twitter accounts to search for friends already using the service. A timeline-like feed shows what friends are listening to and using location services you can even see what music people near you are into.

사용자 삽입 이미지
Ultracapssyong connects Universities with Klassmate
Korean startup Ultracapssyong developed Klassmate, a website designed to connect students at universities/colleges so classmates can share information, messages, images and other social content. Why this may sound familiar, access is purely restricted to students of colleges that are registered with the site and this is confirmed by verifying the user’s school e-mail address. Students are also able to interact with students from other universities which are registered with Klassmate. Ultracapssyong hopes that the site can become a place where students can also sell items and organize events, while reducing the risk of gatecrashers. Klassmate has hit both the domestic and global markets right from the start and you can find more information on their website.

Cleaning out the Portals
Portal sites have made rules to prevent misleading and inaccurate headlines appearing. The links, also known as ‘fishing’ headlines, are put out by media outlets in an attempt to boost views and involve a certain headline which the article may actually have little to do with. Portals have agreed to publish unaltered articles where possible as long as media outlets stick to the new rules. The new rules dictate restrictions on the following:

  1. Unnecessary content including sexual, violent, drug-associated content
  2. Constant publishing of the same or similar articles
  3. Publishing other companies content as ones own

The Explosion of Online Games in China
The Chinese game market is something that cannot be ignored, especially when it comes to the realm of online games which are by far the most addictive and in 2011 made up roughly 100 million people. In other words it means that one out of every ten people are playing games.  80% of these users are teenagers. Last year China set the record for most users connected to an online game at the same time when some 2,600,000 gamers connected to Korean game Dungeon and Fighter. Compare this to Korea’s own record of 300,000 users at one and it is nothing but astounding. But why are Chinese users so into gaming? One obvious reason stems from the one child policy, where many children are brought having to play on their own. Later these kids prefer to enjoy things by themselves rather than mix with others. Another factor could be the cheap price and ease of access, especially with the large growth in internet cafes. Reliving stress in such a competitive society is another point, but beyond this the most important factor is the enjoyment of any form of entertainment in China. Just as the older generation play mahjong and cards, the younger generation has found online games to satisfy their craving for entertainment.

* Upcoming Events for Startups in Korea

2012 SNOW Knowledge Forum: OPEN Learning from the world!
The secret of sharing to learn…
We learn, listen and see the world through various information and experiences.

Featuring speakers from SNOW, CCK, Open Access and NHN.

When: 2pm Saturday, February 2
Where: Hang Sangeun Lounge, 7th Floor, 100 Year Anniversary Hall, Sookmyung Women’s University
Who: Open to everyone
Contact: 02 2077 7312 – info@snow.or.kr

If you’re interested you can sign up here. (Korean)

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