Startup 101 from the Greatest Minds

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미국의 유명한 기업가, VC, 엔젤 투자자들이 다년간 기술한 Entrepreneur라면 꼭 읽어볼 만한 Startup에 대한 다양한 Posting들의 모음입니다. 모든 포스팅이 영문이어서 읽기가 쉽지는 않겠지만 꼭 한 번씩은 읽어볼 만한 posting이니 천천히 읽어 보시면 좋을 것 같습니다. 좋은 글들이 있으면 지속적으로 update 하도록 하겠습니다. (Updated 2012. Mar 14th)

Attitude of an Entrepreneur

The Race Is Long – Charlie O’Donnell
If they aren’t ready to listen, it doesn’t matter what you say – Don Dodge
Tenacity – Mark Suster
Street Smarts – Mark Suster
Ability to Pivot  – Mark Suster
Resiliency  – Mark Suster
Inspiration – Mark Suster
Perspiration – Mark Suster
Willingness to Accept Risk – Mark Suster
Attention to detail – Mark Suster
Competitiveness – Mark Suster
Decisiveness / Gets Things Done – Mark Suster
Domain Experience  – Mark Suster
The 7 deadly sins and 10 lessons of a failed startup – Don Dodge
Most Common Early Start-up Mistakes – Mark Suster
Don’t drink your own Kool-Aid – Mark Suster


Developing new startup ideas – Chris Dixon
A Serial Entrepreneur’s Guide To Uncovering Awesome Startup Ideas – John Greathouse
Brainstorming for New Startup Ideas: A Framework to Spur Creative Thinking – David Skok
Ideation: How to stumble upon a great business idea. – Viktoras

Naming the Startup

Naming your startup – Chris Dixon
Six naming myths to ignore – The Name Inspector

Equity Structure

Dividing equity between founders – Chris Dixon
Cap Tables – Fred Wilson
Founders, Ownership and Prenuptials – Mark Suster
The Equity Equation – Paul Graham
The Option Pool Shuffle – Nivi
How to make a cap table – Nivi
Startup Equity – How To Slice Your Pie – Amanda Frazier
How Much Equity a Technical Cofounder Should Get – Nathan Hurst
CTO Equity – Negotiation After Funding – Tony Karrer
What is the best way to divide up ownership in a startup?- Tristan Kromer

Teaming and Hiring

How do you do concrete interviews for non-technical people? – Andrew Chen
How do you find a badass co-founder? – Andrew Chen
Building the initial team for seed stage startups – Andrew Chen
How do you find a badass co-founder? (part 2) – Andrew Chen
Recruiting programmers to your startup – Chris Dixon
What to look for in hiring a VP Engineering for your internet startup – Chris Dixon
VP Finance vs CFO – Fred Wilson
VP Engineering Vs CTO – Fred Wilson
8 Things to Look for When Hiring Startup Talent – Ben Yoskovitz
10 Steps to Successfully Sourcing and Recruiting Startup Talent – Ben Yoskovitz
The Key to Startup Hiring: Build a Magnet – Ben Yoskovitz
Idea: Y Combinator for Startup Recruiting – Adam Smith
Building a Successful Startup Team – Michael Cole
Hiring at a Startup? Know Thy Weaknesses – Mark Suster
Don’t Roll out the Red Carpet on the Way out the Door – Mark Suster
9 Tips for Hiring & Managing Interns at a Startup – Andrew Cohen
Hiring a CTO for Your Startup – Tony Karrer
How to Hunt Programmers for Your Startup – A Field Guide – Tony Karrer
How I Found a Great CTO – Mariam Naficy
HOW TO: Hire the Perfect CTO – Scott Gerber
Places to Find Developers in Exchange for Sweat Equity – Jason Mandelson
Startup CTO Salary and Equity Data – Tony Karrer
A Minimum Viable Team is more important than a Minimum Viable Product – Tristan Kromer

Finding Your Co-founder

How to pick a co-founder – Naval
The Co-Founder Mythology – Mark Suster
Finding Your Co-Founders – Seth Sternberg
Picking Your Co-Founders – Spencer Fry
How To Work Better with Your Co-Founder – Sean Ammirati
Why you can(‘t) recruit a technical cofounder – Jennifer Chin
Things to Avoid When Recruiting Co-founders – Tristan Kromer
Need a Technical Co-founder? Hire a Product Design Lead First – Charlie O’Donnell
Nailing that elusive technical co-founder – Andy Young
6 Ways to Find A Technical Co-Founder – Matthew Bellows
Finding a Technical Partner for Your Startup – Daniel Kehoe
Finding a technical co-founder: You’re doing it wrong – Eric Siegfried
How to find a technical Cofounder – Chris Schultz
Technical Cofounders are Overrated – Will Miceli
7 Startup Co-Founders That Can Lead to Conflict – Martin Zwilling
Ten Steps in Choosing the Right Startup Partner – Martin Zwilling
Lockboxer CEO: You Don’t Need A Technical Co-Founder To Start A Web Business – Daniel Goh

Board & Advisors

Selecting, Electing & Evolving – Fred Wilson
Role and Responsibilities – Fred Wilson
Should Your Startup Have an Advisory Board? – Mark Suster

Startup Legal

Entrepreneurs need to learn some law – Chris Dixon
How to Work with Lawyers at a Startup – Mark Suster

Raising Angel Round

Angel Funding Advice – Mark Suster
Raising Angel Money – Angel money pricing – Mark Suster

Raising Venture Capital

Best practices for raising a VC round – Chris Dixon
The problem with taking seed money from big VCs – Chris Dixon
The most important question to ask before taking seed money – Chris Dixon
VC’s care about the upside case, not the mean – Chris Dixon
The problem with tranched VC investments – Chris Dixon
Later-stage rounds and “setting the bar too high” – Chris Dixon
Notes on raising seed financing – Chris Dixon
How to pitch a VC – Dave Mcclure
Choose Your VC Investor Carefully – Mark Suster
Do You Really Even Need VC? – Mark Suster
VC Seed Funding is Dead, Long Live VC Seed Funding! – Mark Suster
What Should I Send a VC Before the Meeting? – Mark Suster
On NDAs and Confidentiality – Mark Suster
First Round Funding Terms and Founder Vesting – Mark Suster
How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy – Mark Suster
WTF is Traction? A 6-Step Relationship Guide to VC – Mark Suster
Tips from a ex-VC who helps entrepreneurs raise money – Bill Burnham

Pitching Your Startup

Pitch yourself, not your idea – Chris Dixon
Pitching the VC partnership – Chris Dixon
A Tale of Two Pitches – Mark Suster
Deal with Your Elephant in the Room – Mark Suster
Do you need a Powerpoint deck for a VC meeting? – Mark Suster
Start with your team – Mark Suster
Tell us what you do – Mark Suster
The problem definition – Mark Suster
The solution – Mark Suster
The Demo – Mark Suster
Market sizing – Mark Suster
Market sizing (pitfalls) – Mark Suster
Competition – Mark Suster
The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint – Guy Kawasaki
Ten Tips for Pitching Your Company – Charlie O’Donnell
Business Plans, NDAs, and Traction – Nivi
5 Steps to Better Financial Projection – Tim Berry
Limit an Investor Pitch to 10 Pages and 10 Minutes  – Martin Zwilling
Great Startups Can Hook an Investor in 60 Seconds  – Martin Zwilling
Pitch Perfect – Pre-pitch – Micah
Pitching without a pitch deck – Audrey Watters

Term Sheet 101

Don’t shop your term sheet – Chris Dixon
Ideal first round funding terms – Chris Dixon
Backing out of a term sheet – Chris Dixon
Price – Brad Feld
Pay to play – Brad Feld
Right of first refusal – Brad Feld
IPO shares purchase – Brad Feld
Compelled Sale Right – Brad Feld
Founders Activities – Brad Feld
Information and Registration Rights – Brad Feld
Voting Rights and Employee Pool – Brad Feld
Protective Provisions – Brad Feld
Drag Along – Brad Feld
Conversion – Brad Feld
Liquidation Preference – Brad Feld
Board of Directors – Brad Feld
Anti-Dilution – Brad Feld
Dividends – Brad Feld
Redemption Rights – Brad Feld
Conditions Precedent to Financing – Brad Feld
Vesting – Brad Feld
Information Rights – Brad Feld
Restriction on Sales – Brad Feld
No Shop Agreement – Brad Feld
Indemnification – Brad Feld
Anti Dilution – Fred Destin
Liquidation Preference – Fred Destin

Managing Public Relations & Media

Some tips for interacting with the press – Chris Dixon
Save Your Spin for Someone Who Cares – Mark Suster
10 Essential PR Tips for Startups – Erica Swallow
You don’t know Jack about Public Relations – Steve Cody
PR for Startups – Tony Wright
How to use PR Firms at Startups – Mark Suster

Managing Cash

Always have 18 months of cash in the bank – Chris Dixon
Burn Rate – Fred Wilson
Four Ways To Keep Burn Rates Low – Martin Zwilling
Burn Rate Vs. Runway – Mark MacLeod

Pivoting and Plan B

Pivoting – Chris Dixon
Top 10 Ways Entrepreneurs Pivot a Lean Startup  – Martin Zwilling
Pivot with Purpose – Jeff Cornwall
There are alternatives when your startup falters – Martin Zwilling
Pivot Now is Less Painful Than Turnaround Later  – Martin Zwilling
Pivoting at the Speed of Light – Mark Birch
Pivot, don’t jump to a new vision  – Eric Ries
The Pivot (or How to Learn Humility in 4 Steps) – Tara Hunt
To pivot or not to pivot – Gabriel Weinberg
Panic at the Pivot – Aligning Incentives By Burning the Boats – Steve Blank
Business Plans, Plan A vs Plan B. Real or Friction – Tim Berry

Performance Metrics & Lean Startup

Bootstrapping a Lean Startup – Ash Maurya
The Cohort Analysis – Fred Wilson
Startup Metrics for Pirates – Dave McClure
Startup Metrics – Tony Karrer
Cohort Metrics For Startups Revealed – Part I: Plain English – Dan Martell
Cohort Metrics For Startups Revealed – Part II: Aged Groups – Dan Martell
How Startups Can Use Metrics to Drive Success – Mark Suster
A First Look at Some Metrics Numbers – Ash Maurya
Beware of Vanity Metrics (For Harvard Business Review) – Eric Ries
Lean analytics: Questions VCs should ask (and you’d better answer) – Alistair Croll
10 Lean Startup Machine Tips and Tricks – Tristan Kromer
Three Lean Startup Principles to Live By – Tristan Kromer
The Challenging Pace of Lean Startup – Ben Yoskovitz
How to Structure Good Hypotheses for Your Lean Startup – Ben Yoskovitz

Exiting the Startup

The Entrepreneurs Dilemma – Sell now for $Millions or holdout for $Billions? – Don Dodge
Selling Your Company – Fred Wilson
Here is Why You Need a Good Startup Exit Strategy – Martin Zwilling
How to Craft a Smart Startup Exit Strategy – Jason Lemkin
The how, when and why of exiting your startup – Mike Butcher
How to value your company for sale (part 1) – Jason Cohen
How to value your company for sale (part 2) – Jason Cohen
3 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know about Exit Strategies – Tim Berry
What’s your Exit Strategy – Tim Rice
333 Million Reasons to Have an Exit Strategy Plan – Dave Lavinsky

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