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Using an Android device and looking for a good notepad app? Social & Mobile’s ColorNote may be just the right solution for you.

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ColorNote is an Android application released in 2009 and it is a simple, yet powerful smartphone notepad that allows users to create notes and checklists. The application reached 10 million downloads in 2011 and the number doubled to reach 20 million downloads in 2012. The reason for its massive popularity lies in its simple, but effective features.

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Users raved about the checklist function, which allows you to create ‘to do lists’ and the lists are saved automatically and it comes with several note colors. Once the notes are created, users can add the notes on the homescreen as a widget, which is a useful feature. The widgets will also be in the same color as the original note color, which makes categorization even more simplified. Another useful feature is the password lock. Users can choose to lock each note, and this increases the privacy and also the flexibility of the app.

Social & Mobile’s vision is to help users manage, save and organize their data and information more effectively. Although the startup is a local company, they have always targeted the overseas market and to date, overseas users account for 90% of total users. However, due to the fact that ColorNote has always been a free app with no hidden costs or advertisements, current revenue stands at zero.

Social & Mobile is one of the 7 teams that made it to the final rounds of Mobile Startup Korea 2012, a mobile startup competition that attracted over 100 teams. In their presentation, CEO Park Seong Seo announced that in order to obtain revenue, they will now adopt the Freemium Model, launching a Premium version that allows the use of cloud service and priced at 2, 5, 10 dollars a month depending on cloud data usage.

Visit their website here and download links are as follows:

Android: Click Here
Amazon App Store:

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