Praise Relay Series #2 – IDINCU praises Ulabla

Thank you for the positive response to our first praise relay series published two weeks ago. IDINCU, the recipient of the first relay, has decided to show their support for the series by offering their OpenSurvey service to all future winners for free (10 uses – 3 months validity). We are curious whether the praise relay will turn into a ‘give relay’ where all startups will follow IDINCU’s example. Let’s find out what IDINCU feels about winning the award and then meet our winner for the 2nd relay.

How does it feel to be the first winner of the relay?

First of all, we feel very honored to become the first winner and also receiving Wishland’s praises. Does that mean that we have to work even harder to be fitting of the praises? We will continue to work hard to create services that help in decision making! In order to show our support for new startups and also to support the praise relay, we will be offering free coupons for our services to future winners. We hope that they will benefit from using OpenSurvey.

IDINCU praises Ulabla!

Ulabla is a team that has motivated us continuously. We felt that there was much to learn from their continuous effort to challenge themselves and to create new products and services successively. Ulabla’s CEO Lee Seung Gun graduated from the faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and he started his business without any technical knowledge or networking in the IT venture industry. Even for rising and well known startups, it is known to be difficult to employ developers; this is even more of an obstacle for Ulabla. However, CEO Lee did not give up and instead self studied the technical aspects, coding, running a platform etc and successfully launched the mobile voting solution app AllVote in a span of just 6 months. The team now consists of Lee Tae Yang, who reject an offer to join NHN, and Yoo Han Joo, who developed a communication technology between mobile phones using ultrasonic waves and a few others. Just recently, Ulabla was also one of the top 20 finalists in the beLAUNCH 2012 competition and gave a presentation on their patented technology and services. Abala is always motivating us by their continuous efforts and how they manage to progress step by step even in times of difficulty and this is why we want to praise them!

Who is Ulabla?
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Ulabla is a service that allows you to keep a record of your meetings with friends and to share them online. Many of us take photos and upload them to Facebook or Cyworld because we want to record our precious and fun times with friends. Ulabla offers the unique service of keep a record of meetups, which is not provided by other social media services.

What are the special features?Feature 1: When you hang out with friends, there is no need to tag them but just press a button for a few seconds to record the meet up. Smartphones will connect to each other via ultrasonic waves. (if you try it out yourself you will be pleasantly surprises)Feature 2: It tells you your friends’ connections. You can see the profile of the people your friends meet and also their friend list. (Similar to the ‘ride the wave’ feature in Cyworld)Feature 3: Have you ever had the experience of forgetting what you did with your friends just a week ago? Even if you have recorded it down in Facebook or Path, it is difficult to find all the status updates, photos etc related to the meetup. Ulabla offers a solution to that.

The team that believes in fun and societal value

Ulabla’s team focuses more on making services that people love to use, rather than profit making. Also, they have received much attention with their patented technology and services at beLAUNCH 2012 startup battle. Ulabla has worked hard for the past 6 months to bring about the service.

What is Ulabla doing now?

Our team’s disadvantage is that we do not have a female member. Hence, we are lacking keen insight. Females who are interested in working with us on Product Management, PR etc, feel free to contact us anytime. We will continue to work hard to provide the best experience for our users.

Ulabla will receive dining coupons sponsored by Wishland, free survey services by IDINCU and also the honor of choosing the 3rd winner of the praise relay. Please look forward to the 3rd issue of praise relay 2 weeks later!

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