Cubbying Organizes Online Memories from Social Networks

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are now a part of everyday life for many. Users are constantly sharing their photos, thoughts and activities with one another, adding to the long record which has become their online life. While previous generations look back through diaries and photo albums, it is not so hard to imagine that when the current young generation becomes old, they will turn to their old social network activity to look over old memories.

사용자 삽입 이미지 Korean startup NaleBe is gearing up to launch Cubbying, a service which compiles and organizes your social network data from various services for easy viewing later. CEO & Founder, James Lim talked about how they came up with the idea.

“At the moment there is an uncountable number of web services, especially social networks, beginning with SixDegrees in 1997, and now with services like Pinterest. Content which is important to users is becoming scattered, easy to lose and difficult to manage. In our parent’s time there were albums stored away in the closet, but because the current generation has most of their content online, Cubbying came out of the idea that there needed to be something that could automatically collect and save content so it can be managed and shared with others.”

Cubbying mostly collects your information automatically and users can then manage, edit and share their social network postings. “Stories” can also be made with one’s content and be shared with other users or turned into a slide show for easy viewing. Once the services launches, it will initially support the most popular platforms Facebook and Twitter. By the end of the year the company intends to add support for up to 7-8 more social network services.

While during the beta stages most marketing will take place in Korea, Cubbying is entirely in English and plans to target the global market. Nalebe is currently part of the SmartGrowth program being held by Microsoft and KOTRA, and plans to get help from similar support programs to enter the overseas market.

“Social networks are already having a big affect on our lives. We can look over somebody’s Facebook timeline and secretly look at their interests and life. Cubbying is not so much a social network service but a “lifetime network service”, as it is specialized to your everyday life.”

Nalebe also has another service in the pipeline and recently signed a contract with the music branch of CJ E&M for a new music-related service. Due to open at the end of July, it will be linked closely with Cubbying.

Check out Cubbying’s website here or follow Nalebe on Twitter here.

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