Japanese Travel-Sharing Web Service “Meetrip” Expands to Major Asian Cities

Duckdive expanded its service “Meetrip” to the cities of Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, and Vietnam on November 8.

Through Meetrip, travelers can find and book travel activities offered by local people. Travelers are able to experience the city through the eyes of someone who lives and breathes the city. The concept of Meetrip is “Travel with Local People”.

Local residents show you sights around their hometown, far beyond what travelers could find in an ordinary travel guidebook or vacation package. The Seoul section already has a selection of options from local residents willing to help travelers explore the city’s attractions, streets and cuisine.

Meetrip was launched on September 18th, 2012 in Tokyo and Taipei. Since then, it has gained strong support from avid travelers and caught the attention of the Japanese media including Techcrunch Japan. Following this expansion Meetrip now covers 12 Asian cities in total.

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