Games company builder Hitfox hits Asia-Pacific

사용자 삽입 이미지Berlin-based games company builder HitFox Group is expanding into the Asia-Pacific region with a new office in Seoul, and the appointment of Ludolf Ebner-Chung as general manager for HitFox Asia.

Hitfox, founded in 2011 in partnership with company builder Team Europe (disclosure: also a shareholder in VentureVillage’s parent company Vertical Media), employs 70 and is headquartered in Berlin. It offers games distribution and marketing solutions to over 150 publishers, including Gameloft, TinyCo, Kabam, InnoGames, RenRen, Bigpoint and Gameforge.

In July, HitFox became a company builder itself – announcing HitFox Ventures as a vehicle to build and acquire other companies. Since then, it has launched two new ventures AppLift (marking for mobile games) and Game Finder (search).

Establishing a local presence in Asia should increase the growth of those ventures, as well as HitFox’s more-established marketing venture ad2games. It will also strengthen ties with HitFox’s existing clients in the region, such as Aeria Games and Com2uS.

“Ad2games, AppLift and Game Finder are growing much faster then we could have expected and a lot of this growth has been contributed by our partners in the Asia-Pacific region,” HitFox CEO Jan Beckers (right) said in a statement.

What’s going on at Yogiyo?

Before joining HitFox as General Manager Asia-Pacific, Ebner-Chung – an operating partner with Team Europe in the Asia-Pacific – spent eight months as CEO of Team Europe’s new food delivery platform Yogiyo in Korea (a subsidiary of Delivery Hero).

“Yogiyo is doing extremely well, marketwise and also organisationally. We also concluded that we now understand the market better, have a good network and therefore another launch seemed attractive,” Ebner-Chung told VentureVillage.

“From HitFox’s perspective, the market presence was just the next obvious step to be close to customers and learn about the region. From a Team Europe perspective, there is just so much untapped potential in online, gaming and internet.”

He will be replaced as CEO at Yogiyo by Jewin Nahn, a fellow ex-McKinsey exec.

This article was originally published by Nina Fowler on VentureVillage, VentureSquare’s media partner.

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