Tap to Pay Service: MH Mind Launches In-App Payment Library for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

MH Mind announced that the in-app payment library for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 which is the next generation operating system of Microsoft were launched on November 1.  It’s called “Tap to Pay”, a service which is the first optimized IAP for Window 8 both in Korea and internationally.

Tap to Pay service for Windows 8 supports various payments including credit cards. The fee is nearly one-third of the price compared to other services which is expected of improve revenue for developers.

“Tap to Pay has been designed to support a variety of languages including C#, C++, VB and HTML5 ,etc,. It’s easy enough to apply the Tap to Pay library even for first trying developers in few hours. We will continue developing possible payment methods by country in the future.” the MH Mind official said,

“To support Windows 8 app developers, we operate Tap to Pay’s official blog and offer all of the latest news and library information about Tap to Pay. We will continue to develop our service through the exchanging of ideas with Windows 8 developers.”

MH Mind launched Tap to Pay In-App payment Library for Android in October last year and it has been applied to more than 120 apps in over 80 affiliates until now. Until July, this year, there were more than 60 million cumulative payment records.

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Contact E-mail : mhmind.ttp@gmail.com

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