Japanese Mobile Companies Mobcast and Metaps to join Korean companies at "Asia as One" Meetup

mobcast Inc

With a high average revenue per phone user in Japan, a high smartphone penetration rate in Korea and several partnerships between the two countries, Japan’s Youth Venture Summit will be holding a meetup with Japanese companies looking at “unifying the two growth engines of Asian mobile market”.

The “Asia as One” event which will be held at 6pm on January 17 and will see executives from two Japanese mobile companies speak about the Japanese and Korean mobile markets and what the future holds in store for the Asian mobile arena as a whole.

Speakers at the event include head of Metaps Singapore – Choy Wai Cheong and Director of Mobcast Inc. – Takashi Sato. Managing director of Aiming Korea Benjamin Park and CEO of IGAWorks Eric Kukseong Ma will also join the speakers to add further insight regarding Korea, Japan and China.

Organizer of the event and General Manager of VCNC Japan Keisuke Kajitani commented on the event saying,

“It is an inevitable fact that the Asian mobile app market will unify and when it does, Korea and Japan will be the two leading growth engines. The purpose of this event is to create a community between those two by building a bridge to enhance more movement of people, knowledge, and passion.”

The cost of the event is 20,000 won and also offers an opportunity to network and share knowledge with professionals in the field. Registrations can be made through OnOffMix.

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