Fast Track Asia Selects 2nd CEO Program Team

Startup incubator Fast Track Asia has selected the “Jobcast” team for its second CEO program, with the company to receive both investment and business support. The team is made up of five members, Gangmin Lee, Seungmin Lim, Daehee Kim, Seongyoo Kim and Jaehong Choi.


Gangmin, who is leader of the team, graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from POSTECH and joined Jobcast while preparing to found a business of his own. Seungmin studied management at Kyunghee University and his career has seen him focus on strategic planning at companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Estee Lauder and Amore Pacific. Daehee majored in tourism management at Kyunghee University and went on to manage assets at Tongyang Securities, while Seongyoo worked as a developer at Skype Korea, Paprika Lab and Podo Lab after finishing up with a degree in computer engineering from Hongik University. Senior developer Jaehong Choi has experience developing various solutions for Android at Infobank.

Fast Track Asia CEO Jiwoong Park commented on the selection, saying, “Because we had so many entrepreneurs apply for the 2nd CEO program in 2013, we had trouble selecting the final team. There were many that were highly-skilled and experienced, but rather than a “flash” idea, we selected the Jobcast team after giving them high points for their honesty and persistence about their various projects.”

The Jobcast team will be working hard at Fast Track Asia Lab as they prepare to launch a new service in mid-August. The employment search service will be mobile based, with details and concepts to be released at a later date.

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