Earn Money by Answering Your Phone with “Reward Call”

That’s right, reward apps are making their way into every nook and cranny of your phone. Mobile advertising platform startup PlayMobs recently released its new app Reward Call. It allows users to get discounts and other benefits by installing the app which displays ads on the incoming call screen.


Other reward apps such as CashSlide have used similar systems such as lock screens for users to gain rewards, but this is the first one to use ads together with phone calls. PlayMob says that its users can easily earn money without having to put unwanted ads on lock screens or as backgrounds. After users have finished making their phone call, they can choose whether they want to find out more information about the ad or not. Even more rewards can be picked up by clicking into the ad, though a basic reward is still given if you don’t.

Since all users have to do is answer their phone, the company hopes that Reward Call will be able to reach a wider age bracket. Users can see how many points their friends have racked up and accumulated rewards can later be used for discounts on phone bills, to buy “giftcons” or even be exchanged for cash.

Reward apps have been popular in Korea, particularly on Android where they are easier to integrate. Other developers have utilized lock screens, videos, surveys and ad writing for their apps.

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