[Startup Nomad Epilogue #1]Design Your Life

8 teams of Start-up Nomad returned from the 5 weeks acceleration program in the US. We heard about the results and post-program plans from the participating teams.

[Startup Nomad] We Boost up Your Health, Design Your Life

Design Your Life originally planned to get contents supply in the US. We wonder about the result you have up to date.

Our priority was to get content supply, and we are now fully satisfied with our result. Before our departure, we contacted several popular trainers via channels such as facebook. We explained more about us, Design Your Body application and Start-up Nomad program, and asked for a meetings. Among those trainers, we could actually meet Kelsey Lee and Rebecca Louise.

We proceeded a shooting of a 4 week workout program with Kelsey Lee on the Santa Cruz beach, and UC Berkeley Film Club, with which our CSO Albert had a relationship through his exchange program in school before, helped our shooting. We officially contracted a partnership with the club in order to secure seamless shootings of content in the US, and they will collaborate with us in many aspects including shooting know-how.

디자인유어라이프와 헬스 트레이터 켈시 리
Design Your Life and Kelsey Lee

How did you build a relationship with other teams and do you see any possible collaboration?

Ultracaption has a mobile application called “Dieter” which is about dieting. Dieter is close to a nurturing simulator in which you record your workout and diet with the help of gaming aspects, whereas we deleted a recording function in our service “Design Your Body” based on our “Focus and Concentrate” strategy during our last update.

As Ultracaption is interested in providing qualified contents to users, we thought that there could be a possible synergy in this regard. We expect a decent collaboration case if we try to merge our service such as that Ultracaption does the recording and nurturing, and we are responsible for the contents. Above all, Ultracaption has very strong developers, so we will discuss again back in Korea.

We want to hear more about your plan after the program.

Introduced by the trainers who we had meetings with, we are still talking with people from the relevant industries regarding content production, and through this chance we will constantly increase content supply. We will firstly provide this great content to the Asia market including Korea through the Design Your Body application, and secondly consider establishing a US subsidiary for the future business in the US.

Plug & Plug에서 열린 Startup Nomad 데모데이에서 최고피칭상을 수상한 디자인유어라이프
Design Your Life received a ‘Best Pitching’ award in a Plug&Play Startup Nomad Demoday

“We still remember that the mentor we met during the acceleration program gave us 1 dollar on our first meeting and said, ‘Let’s see up to where this 1 dollar can spread itself for the next 5 weeks’. We want all of you to watch our efforts so that more people can enjoy their healthy lives by Design Your Life.”

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