English New Governance in the COVID-19 Era

The unexpected “negative COVID factor” has been affecting various sectors closely related to our lives, such as the way we work and the industrial ecosystem. Consequently, innovation ventures and startups gathered to look at the post-COVID era from a policy perspective. On the first day…

English Imperfect, preparing an era of 5G and AR smart glasses

The best part of AR technology is its power to enhance the human decision-making process by providing intuitive visual tools. In this Corona 19 pandemic era, the demand for AR solutions has been increasing significantly. imPERFECT aims to be the company that connects users with…

English ‘LOYQU’ Drive to the driver, focus on the trip!

   “Car-free travel, a day trip travel, trip to hidden place or traveling with mom.We all are travelers in our own ways, meaning there are different types of travel. In this sense, diverse kinds of needs and expectations rise, and one of the needs that…

이벤트 [채용공고] 벤처스퀘어에서 경력/인턴 사원을 또 뽑습니다!

안녕하세요. 추운 겨울 따뜻하게 보내고 계신가요? 이번 12월 벤처스퀘어에서 새로운 식구를 찾고 있어요. 새 식구를 맞이할 생각에 벤처스퀘어는 마구마구 설렙니다*.* 그래도 새 식구를 찾기 전에 우선 벤처스퀘어가 어떤 곳인지 알려드려야겠죠? 눈 오는 꽁꽁 겨울을 나고 있는 벤처스퀘어를 소개합니다. 벤처스퀘어의 겨울나기! 😀 선릉역에 있는 사무실 창밖으로 눈…

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