What to expect at Apple’s iPad and Mac event

On October 17 Apple will host an event to announce more products that will likely complement the already hot reception of the iPhone 6 release. Patterns drawn from previous announcements made around this time, combined with the early availability of iPad user guides for iOS 8.1 , all but confirm that Apple will formally announce what we practically already know: the new iPad Air and iPad mini are coming.

Another likely event is the release of OS X Yosemite, a major operating system update that’s been teasing the public with promises of design tweaks, new features like Continuity, and countless updates to existing services like Spotlight, Notification Center and more.

Now, the final missing piece(s) of the puzzle are the iMacs and MacBooks. While current generation MacBooks have already undergone the Retina treatment, there’s still the question of not if, but when the public will see the same upgrades to the Macbook Air and the iMac desktop. Both are just about due for upgrades in both spec and design… but then again, the Cupertino company marches at its own pace.

The entire keynote will be available for viewing via the Apple website. If you have an updated iOS device, you can watch the keynote via iTunes.

The kickoff starts on Thursday, 10/16 at 10:00AM (Pacific Time). For Korean users, the event will start at 10/17 at 2:00AM.

Eddie Cho echo@venturesquare.net

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