Daum Kakao launches KakaoGroup for PC

Daum Kakao announced the web version of KakaoGroup for PC, which allows users to write and upload pictures and videos to Kakao Groups.

Many users felt limited by Kakao’s PC offering when wanting to write longer messages or upload multiple files. KakaoGroup was released to address these requests.


After the introduction of open groups and group search functions last October, open group activities became popular. With KakaoGroup for PC, users can now share larger files more openly. Previously in the PC version, users could only transfer one file at a time.

Though Kakao is still mostly optimized for mobile devices, PC users can now freely move between Kakao Story and KakaoGroup just by clicking an icon.

Users can also share content to Facebook, Twitter, and their contacts directly from the open group board. Similar to the mobile version, users can also use the KakaoGroup search function on the PC.
According to a Kakao representative, “After launching the open group service last October, there was an explosion of activity amongst special interest groups. The PC release will help expand these groups and help Kakao users organize more activities.”

KakaoGroup is Daum Kakao’s social network, which has 1.8 million downloads with 1.6 active users across 10 million groups.

VentureSquare Editor: Eddie Cho, Jungwon Yoon

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