KISED’s acceleration program opens for foreign entrepreneurs

Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development (KISED) will be accepting foreign entrepreneurial applicants for their startup support program, which runs from May 18 to June 25. The program is designed to support entrepreneurs who plan on starting their own technology-related business in Korea.

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Last year, 28 foreign startups participated in KISED’s program, and 27 teams successfully started their businesses in Korea. This year, KISED will select 30 teams and provide $20 million in subsidy with help from the government.

Applicants must meet one of the following requirements

– Currently hold Korean citizenship while residing in a foreign country

– Be a past Korean citizen or lineal descendant of a relative with foreign nationality.

– Foreign citizenship

Those who hold foreign university undergraduate degrees and run their own business or working for international companies for over three years overseas are also allowed to apply.

Selected startups will be given free office space and other support options, including mentoring, language education and business startup training. KISED will also provide support for obtaining working visas.

This year, KISED offers incubation and commercialization programs based on the applicants’ status. The incubation program is only open to foreigners, but the commercialization program is open to both foreign and Korean citizens.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit their application, including a business plan and consent form for using personal information here by June 25th at 16:00 pm.

Choo, Sung-ho


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