[Age of Startup] “Do Celeb 00”… Big data Celebtide knows me better than myself


It’s my anniversary, and I’m looking for an affordable wine to suit the mood to share with my husband. Taste or the country of origin doesn’t matter. By searching wine from a portal site, I found a lot of information, from public reviews to professionals with their own opinions. However, this collection of information was suboptimal, and I was hoping for something. I wish the service providing information customized to my taste and mood based on the information from positive public reviews.


There’s been recent gossip about Ziyu swaying the domestic and overseas entertainment committee and politics. Did Ziyu really influence the result of the Taiwanese presidential election? As a result of the analysis on data from a number of portal sites, blogs, and social media, it was found that Ziyu globally received attention but did not have a great effect on the actual result of the election.

Big data has become an important factor in making decisions in our daily lives. Accurate data can help determine whether a rumor is true, and refined data is useful in making decisions and choices faster and more easily. Big data has just recently become part of our daily lives as a tool for learning something new from information that is still unknown or already known.

Celebtide is a corporation that has emerged to popularize data science. It provides a content curation platform created by big data experts. They collect and analyze massive amounts of online material such as news, blogs, search engines, etc., and provide the public with refined information that are easily understandable. To learn more about Celebtide and how they find content suited to one’s tastes, Shin, Ji Hyeon, the CEO was interviewed.

Could you tell me what kind of company Celebtide is?

Celebtide is a data-based curation service made by big data experts from outstanding domestic and overseas companies. It was established with the purpose of collecting meaningful information posted online by the public and giving it back to the public after analysis. It provides big data content, based on massive data including social data, search data, hashtags, log data, etc.

What kind of information does it deliver?

Celebtide aims to deliver information that can be enjoyably and easily consumed—sort of like a snack. Not only data experts, but also a number of marketers who understand the demands of the public are involved in Celebtide. I would like to make this service a fixture in daily life, providing the public with data-based intellectual amusement rather than provocative information.

Could you tell me how Celebtide differs from other big data corporations?

We carry out a re-processing procedure after analysis on raw data. We own the algorithm to analyze the data, which visualizes the analyzed data as modules for the public to easily recognize the data. We differ from other big data corporations as we own this data module engine. Regardless of whether the sector is involved with travel or cosmetics, the modules of Celebtide can curate the data while being applied as a plug-in that can be used everywhere.

How can the accuracy of information provided be determined?

For example, the information that “Suzy is pretty’ is not taken as it is, but is analyzed via our own assorting system. It carries out analysis on its nuance and front-and-back sentences, etc. This can be seen as Celebtide’s own distinctiveness, which is realized by our technical skills and expertise.

Could you tell me what motivated you, an ex-marketer, to join Celebtide?

I candidly talked about my desire to join Celebtide after having a meeting with key personnel at Celebtide. I worked in the Global Marketing Team of Samsung Electronics before joining Celebtide.

Celebtide suggested a clear blueprint, and learning about my own tastes via data was a new concept to me. As you mentioned, I am not a data expert. However, I’ve worked to learn the thoughts and tastes of the public as a marketer, which is why I play my role in that field.

Inferring from the company’s name, Celebtide, is it right to assume that you provide information on entertainers only?

For now, we set the first target as entertainers.

Why entertainers?

We looked into which field would be most likely to get the public’s attention so that we can create the portal to understand the public’s tastes. We determined that the public often focuses its attention on fields involving celebrities through an investigation of online key search words. Famous entertainers are a major influence on people’s tastes such as styles, car, hair, etc. Currently, Celebtide provides all information about celebrities based on the interests of the public including number of searches, positive feedback and feelings, and references by the public. Starting with celebrities, we will expand our service vertically to restaurants, travel, cosmetics, etc.


This finder function to search for celebrities and learn more about their styles seems interesting.

The finder is the section that interests the entertainment management agencies or broadcasters. If you are looking for some male entertainer who is young, handsome, tall, and clean-cut when casting for an advertisement or drama, you can easily find one with our finder. We cannot guarantee that the entertainer found from searching with the finder will be your perfect match, but the finder is useful in terms of widening your range of selection. In fact, many entertainment management agencies are already using the finder.

Could you tell me which sectors you are cooperating with?

There are many things we can make with content providers such as broadcasters, agencies, MCN, etc. We plan to undertake 4 types of cooperation. First is global cooperation with an overseas broadcast platform to enter the global market. The second is engine cooperation. The third is content cooperation. Currently, we cooperating with SBS news to create content by providing them with data they request. The last is cooperation with entertainment management agencies.

Is the data available for anyone in free of charge?

All the big data analysis charts are available for anyone and free of charge, under the condition of indicating the source, Celebtide.

Recently, I hear that your company attracted a major investment?

We recently succeeded in attracting KRW 1.5 billion investment from P&I Investment. This investment for the beta (not an official) service is an acknowledgement of our potential for growth based on technical skills of Celebtide as well as the leadership of domestic and overseas big data experts.

What is the ultimate goal you want to achieve with Celebtide?

I would like to help people to learn more about their personal tastes and connect them to others with similar tastes. In addition, I hope Celebtide can become a household word, and that people use it in everyday conversation. It would make me happy to hear people refer to Celebtide for searching for something they want: “Do Celeb 00!!!”


Our goal is to grow Celebtide by consistently attracting users while focusing on maintenance of personnel according to our business expansion. I hope many people know that we are also open to potential opportunities for cooperation with other companies.

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