[Age of Startup] “Even your mind is understood”… 24 hours game consumer-responding chatbot “Mindbot”

A chatbot that could correctly understand and respond to the emotion in words as written by the consumer has not been introduced to South Korea yet.

CEO Kim, Seung Yeon of Mindset , which launched the first domestic game consumer-responding chatbot service “Mindbot” said, “Mindbot correctly responds to complaints of game consumers based on its understanding of not only slang and colloquial language, but also abbreviations, typographical errors, emotions, etc. via semantic (meaning) analysis”.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been internationally receiving attention as a new future technology. Among the relevant technologies, the chatbot in particular is one of the most facilitated sectors. Giant, multi-national corporations such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc. already jumped into the relevant business. In case of South Korea, chatbot services have gradually emerged in the market with major companies as the center.

AI startup Mindset, whose technology was verified overseas, has appeared. It was established in January 2016 by CEO Kim Seung-Yeon, who majored in neuroscience, Yun Chang-Hee, a developer who graduated from UCLA, and Kim Jong-Woo, an engineer, and is developing a sophisticated deep learning platform and learning method design with the U.S. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

“Mindbot” is an AI bot made by Mindset. It is a chatbot platform that provides a 24-hour real-time consumer-responding service for game consumers only. The reason for Mindset to set the game sector as the first target was that they conceived it as the easiest sector to expand the range of business if game consumers are satisfied with their various demands via personalization.

The level of chatbot service currently being commercialized has been improved to make response by understanding the context based on the accumulated chatting data. However, it is difficult to make the correct response in Korean language due to its linguistic nature and idiosyncrasies, for example, abbreviations or even ㅠㅠ (shorthand for crying).

Mindbot is a sophisticated AI platform that can recognize not only standard languages, but also all chatting terms. Currently, there is no domestic chatbot service with this level of technology.

The Mindbot analyzes the frequency of words used in the question, connectivity index of words, and the number of word referred to at a specific time. It also suggests words that can be put at the front and the back when a specific word (nickname) is entered.

The most important factors in the chatbot technology can be divided into two types. One is whether it could correctly answer the consumer’s question, and the other is whether it can categorize the type of requests made by the consumer. More specifically, it is technology to categorize questions about accounts, bug reports, refunds, etc., and then decide responses depending on the type of request.

The key is whether the chatbot can sort requests made by consumer. If the consumer is the type with an attitude of “I don’t want to be bothered, I just want you to take care of it,” then he needs to be referred to a customer consultant. Therefore, the customer consultant is still required, even if an effective chatbot exists.

The key point of the “Mindbot” is firstly to resolve the compliant of customer and secondly to come up with an effective countermeasure against issues. Wouldn’t it better if the chatbot gives the customer consultant a hint about the type of customer in advance so that the consultant can better respond to the customer?

The Mindbot provides convenience for the customer to ask questions anytime and anywhere. It easily integrates with a number of message platforms such as Facebook, LINE, Kakao Talk, etc.

It also enables chatting by using Facebook messenger.

Kim, Seung Yeon, the CEO, said, “There was no domestic case in which a chatbot service is made public via imagery data, even though a number of domestic corporations have started the chatbot service. We are confident enough in Mindset and our technical skills to create imagery data of a chatbot demonstration”.

Currently, “Mindbot” is under discussion with South Korean major mobile game companies. There are plans to provide the service in 4 languages—Korean, Chinese, English, and Japanese—starting with the Japanese language service in early September.

CEO Kim said, “There is a slim chance that an international giant business will have technical skills equal to our own to create a Korean version of a chatbot in the short term.” He added, “From this perspective, we think the Mindbot is competitive”.

There are plans to expand Mindbot by entering into other sectors such as commerce, etc. while keeping focus on the domestic game consumer-responding services until the end of the year.

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